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I did it! I actually managed to run my first half marathon - high fives all round you guys! (The first time I wrote that I meant to write high five, in fact wrote hives. Hives you guys! No, no thanks.) 

Edinburgh half marathon runner 2014

So yes, I did the Edinburgh Half. I'd been doing well in my training plan, that was until April when I did nothing, so I wasn't expecting to do well at all. Even so, I did finish, and they gave me this rather heavy weapon-like medal! It's a bit stabby looking right? Maybe not what they were going for.

Edinburgh half marathon medal 2014

I also got a little goodie bag with my finishers tee in it, so now I can wear it when I go running as a humble brag that everyone can see, because why be modest? Runners are not modest, they all want to say 'I ran further than you dude-in-a-plain-regular tee, and you're going to know about it.' We're jerks really when you think about it. But on Sunday I was surrounded by jerks like me so it was fine! My time wasn't amazing, 2h 12, but I'm quite pleased as I had planned on 2h 40. I beat myself and that's what matters.

Running started at 8am in the pouring, cold, rain. Typical Scotland. It started at the top of Calton Hill and the water was running down the road like a river, so it was pretty grim. But once I started moving and got into a good pace, I warmed up quick enough. Other people must have too, because they'd just thrown away their hoodies! I mean, just tie it around you waist no? Once we hit the beach around mile 5-6 I was thinking 'I'm doing great, I could keep running for ages, maybe I'll do the marathon next, it'll be fun!' Then I got to about mile 9 where you have to run past the finish line and keep going down one side of the road, while all the other runners on their final mile run alongside you. At this point I was thinking 'I hate you all, all you people who look happy, and fine, as if you're loving this! Die.' I'd obviously run though the wall, past it, and hit the angry wall. Once I turned at the end of the road and was actually on the home stretch myself, I perked up and then I was one of those happy people too. I finished looking a frizzy, tired, mess and with legs like jelly, but I finished.

Edinburgh half marathon runner 2014

Edinburgh half marathon runner 2014

Look at the state of me. To be fair, I'd gotten up at 6.30am and run 13.1 miles, so y'know, suck it.

Edinburgh half marathon runner 2014

It's quite clear I'm very pleased with myself.

Edinburgh half marathon runner 2014

A lovely surprise at the end was the cutest gift from my sister and her boyfriend - a personalised congratulations chocolate bar! It came from The Chocolate Library in Edinburgh, you can have anything put on the bar and they let you choose all the cute packaging to match, plus chocolate! Such a nice surprise at the end, those two are the best.

The chocolate library marathon bar

The chocolate library marathon bar

Afterwards it took us forever to get back into town, so on the way home we swung by Mademoiselle Macaron (try the passionfruit chocolate, weird but great!), and bought this big bag of almond-sugar goodness. I ate all of them. I needed allllll the carbs in the world, probably not the best nutrition post-marathon but oh well, it was amazing regardless. I was just disappointed she didn't have any eclairs left because those look like heaven in pastry form. Next time.

Mademoiselle Macaron Edinburgh

Also this morning I signed up for my next half on June 22nd. 

I think I may have a new love.

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