[Sydney Harbour]

sydney harbour bridge

sydney harbour bridge

Obviously my first day in Sydney I went straight to the harbour to see the Sydney Opera House and the bridge. The SOH wasn't as big as I though it was going to be and the bridge was bigger than I thought, so I guess they balance each other out. But they are incredible. I spent ages sitting by the water front people watching, creeping if you will. I couldn't help it, people do some hilarious posing in front of iconic sights.

sydney harbour opera house

Sydney harbour bridge

Don't think this is what bamboo is intended for.

[Rarotonga Zoo]

The zoo is on an island across the harbour, so you always have they Sydney skyline as a nice backdrop!

*Warning: Lots of cats. I love cats. 

The zoo has a few areas where you can walk in the enclosures with the animals. Obviously not any of the fun animals like meerkats or otters, but of course they do have kangaroos. These guys were asleep on the path right in front of me so I had to navigate my way through them. There were no 'don't touch signs' around, so yeah you know what I did. I barely poked one and then hurried away before anyone saw me.

Did you know there are approximately 650 muscles in the human body. Well apparently there are 4000 in an elephants trunk! This can be you TIL fact of the day kids. You're welcome.

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