The Golden Ticket

[Cadbury Factory]

So this is how I felt ...

They don't let you take cameras in or basically anything. All jewellery must be taken off, super hot hair nets worn and for those gentlemen with beards, a face net which  was hilarious. So I don't have many photos except the outside areas. 

dunedin cadbury chocolate tour

dunedin cadbury chocolate tour

But inside was amazing, so much chocolate everywhere, melted, solid, dark, milk, white, flavours, easter eggs even! 
There was a chocolate waterfall! Well I say that loosely, in the large purple silo they drop melted chocolate from a vat at the top and it falls about half the length of the silo. The smell. It was so good.

dunedin cadbury chocolate tour
Crunchie Mountain

dunedin cadbury chocolate tour

Along the tour they give out lots of free chocolate which was my main reason for going obviously so I was horribly disappointed when I tried it and everything had this awful marshmallow filling! Not like the marshmallow we're used to in the land where real chocolate is made, but some artificial awfulness. Seriously even the carmel chew, and caramel is my favourite so I thought this couldn't go wrong. Nope, caramel flavoured marshmallow crap. I had to throw it away. I THREW CHOCOLATE AWAY. The sacrilege!

Cadbury New Zealand you ruined my dreams.

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