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This was the view from the window in the weirdest, most kitsch B&B I've ever seen...

Cats everywhere. On the walls, the soft furnishings, ornaments, the rugs ...

And even real cats too and this one loved me.

The B&B was an old sailors cottage and has all these beautiful stain glass windows among the oddities.

Weirdest by far is her causally chilling outside the bathroom.

I have no idea what the deal is with this mannequin, why her upper half is like a cheap attempt at Dynasty meets Fame and her lower half is a slutty Wicked Witch of the West but well there you go.

[Botanical Gardens]

The good thing about the B&B was it is right beside the botanical gardens, which are beautiful.

dunedin botanical garden flowers

dunedin botanical garden flowers

They also have an aviary filled with native and exotic parrots and birds. If you know me, you'll know I don't really get along well with birds. But these I didn't mind so much as they were in cages so couldn't flap anywhere near me. I didn't mind them until the started saying hello to me, in unison as I walked by. It was impressive and creepy as hell all at once.

dunedin botanical garden parrots

Fern Gully was one of my favourites movies when I was little, so I got all excited when I saw this sign and then disappointed when I saw a gully full of ferns and no fairies, or trees that spew black oil while whispering 'hexxxxxssssss'. If you don't understand this please go back to 1992 for a refresh. 

dunedin botanical garden flowers

dunedin botanical garden flowers

dunedin botanical garden

dunedin botanical garden flowers

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