London Fashion Weekend '13

Over the weekend I attended London Fashion Weekend, which is like a mini follow-on from fashion week. So we saw a new season trend show and had the chance to shop designers items at sale prices. Also managed to end up in the worlds most awkward video for Levi's curve ID jeans. I discovered I am a slight curve, as if that wasn't obvious already! Apparently 'Levi's Curve ID system brings you jeans that flatter every female form.'… They don't. Not this form anyway, maybe if hey made a zero curve I'd be in with a chance but I'll be sticking with Topshop thanks! If you do want to check your curve yourself then see here.

New trends I'm told include monochrome, eastern influence and doll inspired looks.

There were even Boris bikes on the runway, which is not a random as the models sent down wearing moustaches… Yes, upper lip plumage is on trend according to Hilary Alexander. I have the perfect dress that would look great with a classic Tom Selleck or Yosemite Sam.

I also stumbled upon love this weekend, basically walked into it! So LOVE can literally be found in Covent Garden. 

All the hearts have messages of love, which is incredibly cheesy, and I like it.

About Town This Week...

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